Hatley Wellies, Raincoats and Umbrellas Overview

Hatley Wellies, Hatley Raincoats and Hatley Umbrellas

Hatley Wellies, Raincoats, and Umbrellas
If you are looking for Hatley Wellies, Raincoats and Umbrellas, then this site provides details of an online retailer that specializes in kids outdoor clothing and in particular, the Hatley product range.

Little Outdoor Kids has been providing kids outdoor and winter clothing for a number of years now.

If you are looking for outdoor clothing, waterproof clothing, wellies, raincoats, umbrellas, and accessories, then LittleOutdoorKids can help you find that perfect raincoat from a selection of wonderful patterns.

Hatley Raincoats are waterproof, soft, comfortable, fully breathable and machine washable in all of the above gorgeous designs.

Hatley wellies are made to match – breathable, soft, comfortable and with a small heel for support and best posture. The wellies all have handles to ensure even the very little ones can put their own wellies on.

Hatley Kids Umbrellas complete the look – how can you resist. They are fully child safe and they look amazing!

Hatley’s products are wherever possible made from natural fibres and in an environmentally responsible way, this ensures a Hatley product is made to the highest standard with care, so it lasts.

So whatever you are looking for from the Hatley product line, LittleOutdoorKids can offer you and your kids a full and fun range that you will love and which will compliment each other

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